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Microsoft and its different software products have powered the PC revolution of the last three decades.In the mobile-first, cloud-first environment of today, Microsoft continues to be a leader in software. By adopting Microsofttechnologies, you are opting for proven technologies trusted by thousands of enterprises and backed by Microsoft’s serious heft in cutting edge software development. With hired dedicated .NET development resources, you get the benefits of cost effective offshore development and world class quality with Microsoft certified developers. Microsoft has been quick to notice the change in enterprise preference from dedicated data centers and servers to trusting everything to the cloud. With an enviable global data center network backing it, Microsoft’s Cloud OS Network is doing well in attracting enterprise cloud customers.While Microsoft faces competition from the likes of Amazon, IBM, HP, Google and Cisco, Microsoft’s cloud platform is doing well as a provider of private, public and virtual clouds. Microsoft has launched its fitness-focused smartwatch and it has also launched a voice assistant, Cortona.

Microsoft is going after its competitors such as Apple, Google and other hardware manufacturers as well. If you are looking to capitalize on the many benefits that the Microsoft technology offers then think about hiring dedicated .NET developers for any of your small or big needs. It’s always advisable for businesses to focus on their core competencies. The present globalized business environment offers businesses the flexibility to do so. Fornon-tech businesses, hiring dedicated .NET development resources offers a win-win situation. In place of hiring on-site, companies can hire dedicated .NET developers at offshore .NET development companies such as digital marketing services in india which can help them really save in more ways the one. For a wide variety of requirements such as transitioning a legacy system to .NET or developing a new .NET-based design and application development, digital marketing services in india can offer you the ability to hire dedicated .NET developers which offers the perfect solution. Please see below for more details about the process of how to hire a dedicated .NET developer:


.NET Developer Hiring Process


  1. needs, we will shortlist .NET development professionals and send them across to you to review/feedback    According to your business

  2. Candidates that have been approved will be interviewed by you either through Skype/phone/Gtalk or any other communication medium you prefer

  3. Once approved, you can immediately start working with your .NET dedicated developer on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis depending on your needs

  4. Focus on your core competency as a business and leave the .NET development part up to the experts    Focus on your core compet




  1. Control the ability to easily scale up or down your .NET development team without the worry of hiring, firing or other internal headaches which most often happen

  2. We have Microsoft certified developers with a wide range of .NET development experience who have successfully delivered multiple projects in different domains for clients across the world

  3. Hire someone on a part-time, full-time or even a project basis as needed which gives you superb flexibility

  4. developers are in tune with the latest changes and updates happening in their domains so that our clients benefit from applications that are the absolute latest in terms of technology    All of our


.NET Technical Expertise


  1.     Customized .NET development available

  2.     In-depth experience working with the latest Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, WCF, WPF, Silverlight and MVC

  3.     Microsoft C#, F#, and VB.NET development

  4.     Complete customization, development and support of existing .NET apps

  5.     Full third party application integration

  6.     We can easily create Windows games and Mobile applications

  7.     DotNetNuke development

  8.    Any type of .NET development you can think of


What You Can Expect From Our Dedicated .NET Developers


  1.     Well-versed and in-tune with .NET development

  2.     Hands-on and in depth working experience on a multitude Microsoft technologies

  3.     All our .NET developers have a minimum of 3 years hands-on working experience

  4.     Daily reporting and transparent communication through (Email, Skype, Gtalk, Phone)

  5.     Source code is always accessible to you

  6.     All of our developers work in a team structure which allow them to learn from each other

  7.     Large pool of talented professionals available as needed

  8.     with your dedicated .NET developer for real-time updates    Stay in constant touch


Why Choose Us?


  •     Customer-centered and always focused on keeping customers happy no matter what

  •     We follow recognized quality management processes

  •     No hidden fees or costs

  •     Experienced & honed project execution processes

  •     High quality with an affordable price

  •     Always keep our customers happy no matter what

  •     Source code is always available



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