Offshore PHP Development

Nothing has democratized website creation more than PHP. PHP is known as Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server side scripting language mainly used for web development. With the power of this open-source technology, combined with Linux, Apache and MySQL, more than 250 million websites across the world are delivering countless benefits to billions of web users. Whether it’s an Ecommerce website, a professional website, or a personal website, PHP development is a great solution.

When you combine PHP development and the benefits of offshoring, you get the best of both worlds which is offshore PHP development. At digital marketing services in india, our focus is on delivering impeccable quality to our clients no matter what. We like to focus on the long-term and make an extra effort to ensure that our clients get all that they expect and more from their offshore PHP development project. Finding a PHP Development Services India provider can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing but with digital marketing services in india you won’t have any problems. Finding a PHP Development Services India company can be a challenge but not if you choose to work with the team at digital marketing services in india.

Benefits of Offshore PHP Development at digital marketing services in india

  •     We have developed numerous PHP-based websites that span the B2B to B2C spectrum, whether it’s an airline ticket booking website or a WordPress theme for an endless scrolling shopping cart website, we have delivered countless PHP projects for clients across the world

  •     Our development team is tech-savvy & very well versed in using the PHP programming language allowing us to create anything that you need

  •     With offshore PHP development at digital marketing services in india, you are able to save money, HR headaches, operational costs, recruiting expenses, time & much more which can all be re-invested elsewhere

  •     With an office in New York & London, we are able to offer you local support but still offer you offshore pricing models

  •     If you are looking for dedicated offshore PHP developers on a part-time or full-time basis, we can help your varying business needs no matter what they are

  •     digital marketing services in india’s offshore PHP development team will take care of your parallax scrolling websites, python scripts, flipboard theme or any other PHP development requirement you may have

  •     You have the ability to maintain constant communication & transparent project management with your offshore PHP development team

PHP Expertise at digital marketing services in india

Our PHP team are top-flight professionals in their domain with extensive work experience. They are exceptionally familiar with MVC frameworks like Core PHP, CakePHP, and Zend Codeigniter, as well as have MySQL, XML, JSON, AJAX, and jQuery expertise. Our PHP professionals adhere to our company-wide philosophy of continuous training and professional certification. The first priority for our offshore PHP development professionals at digital marketing services in india is to ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of execution of our projects. Our devotion to high quality encompasses everything including the hiring process for our PHP professionals as well as testing of websites on different browsers to ensure cross-browser compatibility. We keep everything in mind whenever we are working with a client ensuring that we think of all possible angles to ensure high quality delivery of all projects.

Our ‘No Compromises’ approach to quality is ongoing and all our clients benefit from this. Our client centric approach to projects means that we consider our clients to be our partners every step of the way. Our clients are kept updated about the progress of their projects every step of the way with complete transparency. There is continuous interaction with clients and we take client feedback onboard. Constant communication is the key to a successful relationship and we are accessible to our clients 24/7 via email, Skype, chat, and telephone.

We specialize in building all types of PHP-based websites such as hobbyist websites for mountain bikers, skiers, adventure sport lovers, full Ecommerce websites, non-profit websites, corporate websites and so on. Our offshore PHP development team builds mobile-ready responsive websites. We make sure our websites are fully responsive across all devices and our code is semantic to be in compliance with W3C standards. We keep in mind that mobile websites need to be light for faster loading on mobile devices and that lighter websites for mobiles results in better organic search rankings in Google. These are just some of the factors that go into preparing a website that is perfect from both a technology standpoint as well as an aesthetic one.
With a strong team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, our websites are designed and built with SEO aspects in mind. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to the success of any business or Ecommerce website. We keep SEO in mind from the beginning so that your finished website is properly optimized with the right SEO elements. Our offshore PHP development team is constantly in-sync with our digital marketing team ensuring that your development and digital marketing is aligned together from start to finish.

PHP Technical Expertise

  •     All PHP CMS systems such as Magento, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, WordPress & more

  •     PHP support & maintenance

  •     PHP 6, 5.X, 4.X

  •     All MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Sympfony, Yii, & Zend

  •     Template Engines such as Smarty

  •     JSON, XML & AJAX

  •     JavaScript libraries such as YUI, Ext JS, Prototype JS & JQuery

  •     All databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Why Choose Us?

  1.     We care about our customers & keep them happy no matter what, we GURANTEE client satisfaction always

  2.     No hidden costs or fees on any of our projects

  3.     Brilliant project execution & world-class project management techniques

  4.     We offer affordable offshore PHP development solutions & high quality work

  5.     Real-time & complete access to the source code

  6.     Our customer support is fantastic & always prompt ensuring no sleepless nights

  7.     Maintain real-time communication with all of your development & project team

  8.     For further details about how we can help with your offshore PHP development project, drop us a line today and give us a call anytime.



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